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- Dec 16, 2017-

Now baby grows in an era of advanced technology.The disposable diapers can be seen everywhere.But in the absence of diapers .The diapers in ancient times,how to the baby do it pee?


Drawn from nature

Modern mom to buy baby products.And always advocating pure natural.Have you seen really pure natural diapers?

At the beginning of human beings.There is the concept of using diapers. In the ancient days when almost no productivity was available, people relied on the nature to survive. All they ate and used were made of nature. Diapers are no exception. The initial diaper is folded grass, mosses, animal skins, plant leaves and other substances.


Rich baby with cotton silk.Poor baby pants open crotch.

As early as the Warring States period.There was silk made from raw silk.To the Northern and Southern Dynasties.The cotton also appeared with the birth of a variety of textiles.Baby diapers also followed with hope. Baby diapers with the upgrading of textiles.Step by step to absorb better. More flexible development.

Not every baby's ass can enjoy such a top-level care, mentioned above, silk, cotton and other substances in ancient times that are rich aristocratic use only.Ordinary people is wearing crotch pants . The mother who also practice a skill that can predict the baby's excretion time.And then hold the baby outside to facilitate.


By the middle of the 19th century, diapers became commonplace as large quantities of cheap cotton fabrics were made by industrialization. A rectangular or square diaper is folded over or tied to the baby's undergarment or undergarment to allow for easy access to the toilet. Some clever mothers will also add a lot of interesting elements to the diaper, such as the natural water-absorbent material moss and peat.

During World War II, in order to solve the problem of shortage of cotton.The Germans invented a made of wood pulp fiber paper.This cotton paper texture is very soft, absorbent and very strong. Later, a Swedish company to continue research and development.The paper cut into a special shape, folded sheets wrapped in gauze or mesh knitwear which is the prototype diaper.And then with the generation of research and improvement.Convenient and sanitary disposable diapers are nowadays everywhere.

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From the perspective of species evolution, nature has always been the survival of the fittest.So under what kind of living conditions, people on the corresponding way of life. Of course, the most advanced animal in human beings.More than the average animal to change the environment's creativity or else we will not be the baby diapers from the most primitive moss fur to today's disposable diapers. History of the wheels rolling.Diapers will also be replaced from generation to generation.As for what to use the baby later.Then the diaper from now on to create a generation later.


Modern diapers generally have three main components in terms of structure.A surface covering. An absorbent core and a backing.

baby diaper

Surface coating.Including the surface of non-woven.Anti-side according to water cloth.The most important part of this part is to improve the degree of breath ability within the diaper.So that the body's moisture and heat emitted can be discharged in time.

Absorbent core.Including wood pulp, polymer materials, the diversion layer, wet paper composition.This layer is mainly used to quickly absorb.Disperse and store urine. The internal material directly determines the amount of water absorption. This layer is an overview of the quality of diapers.


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