In Fact,Chinese Craftsmanship Is So Beautiful,Do You Want To Know?

- Nov 06, 2019-

In Fact,Chinese Craftsmanship Is So Beautiful,Do You Want To Know?

Follow me to study the craftsmanship.

About the incense burner source,There is not conclusion yet.

Do you know the,Its craft is very unique,There a lot of shape,big,small,square,round,rectagular shape and so on.There are also various types,iron art,ceramic,bamboo,wood,copper stone and so on.

For evolution,Craft man make a different incense burner for the different incense,They are suitable for coil incense,backflow incense,stick incense and so on.

Today,I introduce this one to you,It is very beautiful,I love it so much,I believe that you also will love it.


It is made of ceramic and it is suitable for backflow incense.

The size is height22cm*length12cm*width11cm.

There are total two colors,one is dark color,another one is light color.

It can as decoration,crafts,souvenir,gift and so on.

Do you know how to us it ?

Ignite the bottom of the backflow incense and put it on the top of the incense burner,The smok will flow down.It is looked just like the landscape pictures.


You can put it in the home as feng shui decoration,Make your home more beautiful.

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