In summer, your home should have these plants to wipe out mosquitoes!

- May 10, 2018-

When the summer heat has arrived, do you think mosquitoes come from the house? Planting some plants in the home is a mosquito-repelling function. Plants emit special odors from leaves or flowers to drive out mosquitoes. TOPONE will share with you Mosquito repellent plants!

No.1:Mosquito repellent grass


I believe that most people listen to mosquitoes regularly. Mosquito repellent grass, scientific name: Geranium Geranium is a herb for many years. Its small trunk leaves can grow to 1 meter. The leaves are bluish-green in color, with soft feathers. The fascinating aroma is the highlight of the mosquito repellent.



No.2:Touch the incense grass

Touch the incense grass, Lamiaceae genipora plants, finger after touching (on the fingers) fragrance and pleasant, hence the name "Touch the incense grass." The touch of the incense is vine growth, leaflets oval, serrated edge, the sense of meat, the surface covered with white hair.



Mint, we should be the most familiar. Its soil name is "Yindan grass" and it is a plant of the labiata family. The whole plant will give off a cool aroma. Like a touch of incense, the leaves are jagged, but the leaves are papery and have less surface hair than touch.



Nepenthes, a general term for all species of the genus Nepenthes, is a tropical insectivorous plant, also known as a jug plant, a monkey water bottle, a monkey quail, a piglet cage, and a Leigong pot.


Better use if combined with insecticide spray


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