Infected Cockroach Group Death Cockroach Baits

- Mar 16, 2018-

Cockroach bait is suitable for families, hospitals, hotels, hotels, factories and public places, and has the advantages of convenient use, safety and high efficiency. Is a modern life, the home of the first choice to kill cockroaches supplies.


Direction to use:

1. Open out trap.

2. Peel off paper to expose glue.

3. Re-fold trap and tuck tab in slot.

4. Place traps on the corner against the wall or the areas where cockroaches' activity or droppings are commonly spotted, such as behind fridge, under sink and stove, the rubbish bin.

5. Move the trap to a different location if no cockroaches are trapped.

6. For best results, use several traps simultaneously in different locations.

7. When traps are full, or after 12 weeks, put in plastic bag and dispose of in domestic waste, then replace with fresh traps.




1.Keep out of reach of children and pets.

2.Do not use in wet areas.

3.Glue can be removed from hands & fabrics with alcohol turpentine or paint thinner.

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