Is cockroach control using residual spray or gel bait?

- Jul 14, 2018-

The cockroaches are social and nocturnal vector insects. They are one of the most common and adaptive pests in cities.


Residual spraying is one of the commonly used cockroach control methods, which can solve problems quickly and effectively. However, there will be a lot of challenges if there are only residual spraying. For example, when serving in restaurants, supermarkets, and other places, safe and sensitive parts should be covered to avoid drug contact, but it is often difficult to do it. If the client sees the process, it not only causes complaints, but also causes worries about food safety.

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The use of residual spray is difficult to carry out a comprehensive treatment of complex parts. If you want to remove the items in front of the part of the picture you need to handle, you will have a lot of effort; if you don't get it in place, you will not be able to get the desired effect.


Use cockroach bait is a very effective, safe, and long controlled cockroach method developed over the past decade, and is widely used in developed countries in Europe and the United States. Now, more and more Chinese PCO companies are also using cockroach gel bait to deal with cockroaches. In addition to good results, it will not even affect the normal business of customers. Cockroach work can be carried out in the daytime, and PCO does not need to work night shifts.


TOPONE brand Cockroach Bait  is used to prevent cockroach. The product is made up of High-Grade raw material adopting international recent technology and employing advanced manufacturing technology.It has a powerful effect against cockroach, mosquitoes & flies, and has no harmful effect the humans. They are easily to use, also Its Kill-Speed is very quickly.




Direction to use:

1. Open out trap.

2. Peel off paper to expose glue.

3. Re-fold trap and tuck tab in slot.

4. Place traps on the corner against the wall or the areas where cockroaches' activity or droppings are commonly spotted, such as behind fridge, under sink and stove, the rubbish bin.

5. Move the trap to a different location if no cockroaches are trapped.

6. For best results, use several traps simultaneously in different locations.

7. When traps are full, or after 12 weeks, put in plastic bag and dispose of in domestic waste, then replace with fresh traps.



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