Learn how to homemade mosquito repellent .

- Mar 06, 2019-

Learn this morning how to come up with homemade mosquito repellent that will keep that bad mosquito away from you and your family.



And you can try use Ultra-quiet efficient mosquito Photocatalytic Mosquito Lamp USB+Zapper



1.LED energy saving

A new generation of green electrical products.The use of LED lamps,long life.low power consumption.

2.No noise

Using the principle of suction fan,mosquito noise process without electric shock.

3.Nightlight function

LED lighting soft non-glare,both night light function.

4.Mosquito good helper

Through national norms,anti-electromagnetic interference.Process nontoxic mosquito noise,simple operation easy to clean.

5.No radiation safety

Mosquito Killer Lamp imported from Germany.So that mosquitoes can not resist the temptation,long service life,the light fades slowly.


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