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- Dec 26, 2017-

There are cockroaches at home.Don’t worry.Because I have the method of kill cockroaches.

First of all, we recommend several anti-cockroach methods.

Method 1:Use pepper to anti-cockroach.

You can put some pepper in cockroaches frequented places.Especially the kitchen. You can prevent cockroaches.Because they do not like this taste. However, if you can not smell the pepper flavor.Remember to change it regularly!


Method 2:Use orange and lemon peel to anti-cockroach.


You can dry orange or lemon skin or dry it.Then put it in every corner to anti-cockroach.

Method 2:Use tung oil peel to anti-cockroach.


You can buy 100-150g of tung oil.And boil it into a viscous gel.Then spread it around a piece of 15 cm square board or cardboard with scented food in between and cover with other food. As long as the cockroaches climb to the place with tung oil.They will be stuck.


Next,We recommend several ways to kill cockroaches

Method 1:Use baking soda to kill cockroach.


The principle of this approach is to use sugar to attract cockroaches to eat.So that the alkaline baking soda destroys the cockroach's stomach.And finally cockroaches will die.


Method 2:Use cockroach trap to kill cockroach.


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Cockroach trap refers to the use of paper shell and plastic version to make the shape of a house off cockroach equipment.There are sticky gum and bait.To attract cockroaches, ants and other pests and into its, stick it. Pest control in the home. Harmless to the human body.

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