Many people don’t know how to make white clothes look new.

- Oct 25, 2018-

When the white clothes are worn for a long time, they will become yellow, black and tarnished. How can it be revived?



First, pure blue ink rinsing method to make a basin of water, a few drops of pure blue ink (not too much), usually 3 to 5 drops, then stir well, then put the washed white clothes in the water Pull it a few times and dry it. Because the blue ink contains a component called ferrous iron, the blue ink makes the clothes whiter.




Second, the washed rice water washing method is alkaline, so it is very suitable for cleaning items, can wash off sebum instead of soapy water, and compared with the general industrial washing powder, its washing power is moderate, the texture is mild, no side effect. Moreover, wash rice Water can separate the dirt well, wash the light-colored clothes with wash rice water, and have strong decontamination ability, which can keep the clothes bright and clean. You can soak the white clothes in the rice water for 10 minutes, then wash them with soap to make the clothes white and fresh. It is not easy to yellow when the white clothes are often washed with rice water.




Usually the clothes are dirty and stains, they must be cleaned in time to prevent the clothes from turning yellow and discolored. I suggest you use TOPONE laundry sheet.


TOPONE brand Laundry sheets into thin slices of appearance, novel fashion, performance is simple and practical.Decontamination fast, containing multiple functioned surfactant , super concentrated, have smooth effect, washed clothes is antibacterial, won't make clothes fade, do not contain fluorescent whitening agent.


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