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- Dec 08, 2017-

Please guess an animal.

Black hair, pointed mouth, and a disgusting tail, body with bacteria, etc.

Did you guess right?

Yes, this is a mouse.Are you scared?

Don’t be afraid.TOPONE teach you how to catch mouse.

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First need to prepare a different mouse glue trap, such as TOPONE mouse glue trap.

TOPONE mouse glue trap different advantages:

No.1 .: It contains strong glue, high temperature does not flow, low temperature non-condensing.It can maintain long-term viscosity.When used can be designed to tiled, channel type, U type, triangular type.

No.2: Product safety and environmental protection.Does not contain any toxins drugs and substances harmful to humans and animals, tasteless colorless.It is a green product.

No.3: The general use of rat poison rodent, mouse death can not be found in time.It often smells stink to know the location.It will cause indoor pollution and germs. The sticky mouse board rodent basically eliminated this "horror phenomenon."

No.4: Open the stick mouse board, sticky layer of strong mucus sticking above, while the release of the mouse favorite food.


TOPONE is designed with the attractant odors of rats like food.It has a strong temptation for rats, health and non-toxic.You can be assured of use.



1.You can carefully observe the surrounding environment.And the initial grasp of the scope of activities of rats and walking routes.

2. The mouse glue trap spread horizontally on the mouse activity and walking routes.You can also be folded into a tube or U-shaped, on a small space, such as the gap between the refrigerator and the wall.

3. The mouse glue trap has added a peanut flavor attractant. Such as sticky in the mouse glue trap with a shell of peanuts, pistachios and other nuts. 



1. Please keep clean and dry the room .Otherwise the mouse glue trap footprints with gray layer and water.It will affect the sticky mouse glue trap, bathroom and other places.

2. Daytime inconvenient to place sticky place.You can take put at night strategy. The basic does not affect the effect of catching mice.

3.If  glue to the hands, floors or other items.You can use the oil, nail polish or banana water and other organic solvents, and then soap clean.

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