Outdoor tips for mosquito repellent.

- Dec 11, 2018-

In outdoor activities, it is very vulnerable to mosquitoes. Here are some tips for outdoor mosquito repellent.

Outdoors, you can bring this mosquito repellent cream.



Mosquito repellent cream protects the delicate skin of a baby from insect bites during walks. It repels  mosquitoes. One of the safest existing repellents. The botanicals extract. The product relieves skin irritation and itching.



• Gentle protection from mosquitoes.

• Especially for children aged 1 year and older.

• Duration of action: up to 2 hours.

• It has a pleasant and tender aroma.

• Does not leave a feeling of clammy skin.

• It is recommended for the protection of people with very sensitive skin.

• Volume: 20g/PCS.


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