Practical car spray paint

- Jan 04, 2018-

The car spray paint is a man-made lacquer, with nitrocellulose, resins, pigments, solvents and other made. Sprinklers are usually evenly sprayed on the surface of the car, paint is characterized by waterproof, oil, dry fast.


Remove the oil

Removal of black metal parts in the production process of surface oil, with bath dipping method.

Removal of non-ferrous metal parts of the surface of oil, with bath dipping method.

Surface degreasing plastic products, with tank dip method.


Remove the oil and wash with water.

Surface adjustment

Surface treatment before phosphating, bath by slot method (surface conditioning agent for the white powder).


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Phosphating zinc phosphating solution to the surface of steel by bath dipping method.


After phosphating and cleaning the workpiece to be painted dry.

Car spray paint

Before spraying the following must be done:

1.Choose the type of paint

2.Check the performance of the paint

3.Stir paint thoroughly

4.Adjust the viscosity of the paint

6.Paint purification filter

7.Paint color adjustment

Spraying should be based on the selection of the workpiece is sprayed with a suitable viscosity and appropriate viscosity.According to the type of paint, air pressure, nozzle size and the required surface to be sprayed to be set.

1.Air pressure supply spray paint is generally 0.3 ~ 0.6Mpa.

2.The distance between the nozzle and the surface being sprayed is usually 20 ~ 30cm.

3.Spray paint flow direction should be as perpendicular to the surface of the object.

4.During operation, the edge of each spraying strip should overlap on the edge of the previously sprayed strip. The spraying speed should be uniform and not fast, slow or slow.

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General ABS, PC and other plastic self-drying paint baking temperature is 55 ~ 65 ℃, the time is 30 ~ 35 minutes.

Drying polymeric coatings.Such as amino paint, acrylic paint, epoxy paint, etc.The general baking temperature is 130 ~ 140 ℃, acrylic paint to be rest for 10 minutes and then baking time 30 to 35 minutes.

Spray film quality inspection

1.Check the degree of dryness of the paint film, visual inspection or blade scratch check the thickness of the paint film.

2.Check the adhesion of the paint film, the use of 11 scalpel blades for cross-hatch test.

3.Check the coating color, gloss and surface condition.


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