Seven tips for killing cockroaches

- May 25, 2018-

In the presence of cockroaches, soaping water on the ground or wall is more effective than pesticides.Because the fat in the belly of the cockroach will dissolve when it touches soap water, and it will not move for about ten seconds. This method is suitable for cockroach pests at home.



Mix 1 small saucer sugar with 1 small dish soda and mix well. The cockroach will disappear in about a week or two after being placed in the cockroach infested area.


Slice the onion or slice it on the plate and place it in the cockroach's infested area. When the cockroaches smell the stimulus, they dare not come again.



Orange, lemon peel dried or dried, placed in various kinds of cabinets, not only has the role of scent agent, but also play a certain anti cockroach effect.



After half a mixture of sugar and soda, the cockroach will disappear in about 3-14 days after cockroach infestation. It is said that this is also the most common secret recipe for cockroaches in the United States.




It is the professional product to kill cockroaches, against the cockroach resistance, then developed the formula of cockroach killing bait powder, contains the cockroach pheromones, luring is strong, palatability is good, cockoraches enjoy feeding. A cockroach is poisoned can cause serial poisoning deaths among cockroaches. Suitable for home, restaurants, hotels, food processing factory and rural farms and other places, after the medicine is dried, proper amount of water is added to damp the medicine, the efficacy can be extended.


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