Summer mosquito repellent essential helper.

- Apr 03, 2018-

This summer, We teach you how to anti-mosquito.

1. keep the skin refreshing

After taking a bath as soon as possible after sports, wipe sweat away with paper towel and handkerchief in time. It's better to use cosmetics

such as perfume in summer.


2. at the corner of the wall to dry the orange

Orange peel, orange peel, perilla leaf and so on can be dried, placed in gauze or stockings, tied up with ropes, hung at home or placed in the corner and window.


3. cleaning the indoor water in time

Mosquitoes most like water, and those who like plants feed at least once a week to feed plants for a thorough change of water. They also need to clean up the air conditioning tray and the pods on the bottom of the flowerpot.


4. Avoid mosquito activity time

The peak of mosquito activity is at 9-10 a.m. and 5-6 p.m., and try not to brush grass or bushes.


5. wear light color clothes

It is best to wear white or light colored cotton clothes in summer, try to wear socks, and rub mosquito repellent cream in advance.


The most direct and effective way to repellent is to use electric mosquito mat.



1. No clear smoke and open fire. It is safe, clean and effective.

2. Liquid mosquito repellent incense switch needs switching power supply everyday, no need to add or replace.

It is easy to use.


It contains 0.2% Esbiothrin effective ingredient, it can effectively repel mosquitoes, and its process is homogeneous.

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