Sweet dream brand Air freshener makes you return to the smell of nature

- Mar 09, 2018-


Sweet dream natural home use air freshener was produced by the advanced technology.Good smell to human beings and keeping home fresh. It is suitable to spray in kitchen,dining-room, bedroom etc.It is good for both children and old persons.




1. Shake the can well first and then hold it upright.

2. At last press the button.

3. Spray around the room in the space just for a few seconds.


1. It should be kept in cool-dry place under 50°C.

2. It should be kept far from the childrens touch.

3. Don’t use it near the fire.



No.1:Scent and quietly element

Can be pure and fresh air,purify indoor smell aromatic deodorant,purify the air.

No.2:Using range

The sitting room,bedroom,bathroom,car,chest drawer.

No.3Green products

Product using the deodorant fragrance formula,A variety of fragrance for you to choose from.

No.4Fast deodorization

Quick effect,increases with  the increasing injection,easily get rid of the smell of annoyance.


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