Teach you a few strokes to remove all kinds of smell at home.

- Jan 27, 2018-

No.1: Bathroom smell

Although the family often wash the toilet. There may still be stinky.

Solution: You can be a box of cool oil or wind fine open the lid at the corner of the bathroom, both deodorant and insect repellent. Can also place a small cup of vinegar, stench will naturally disappear.


No.2:Kitchen smell

Cooking in the kitchen and meals all kinds of very strong flavor.

Solution: You put a little vinegar in the pot heating evaporation.kitchen odor can be eliminated.


No.3:Refrigerator mixed taste

Fridge storage of food for too long can cause unpleasant smell in the refrigerator.

Solution: soaked tea can remove the refrigerator taste. The bubble tea, on the inside of the refrigerator. You can achieve deodorant effect. If there is no tea, lemon or orange can also be cut. As long as half a small piece will be able to achieve efficacy. In addition, wiping the inside of the refrigerator with a beer-covered rag will eliminate the odor.



No.4:Wardrobe smell

Why does the wardrobe emit a pungent smell of formaldehyde? One reason may be due to insufficient ventilation. There is also a possibility that the amount of formaldehyde released from the boards used in the closet is excessive.

Solution: 300 grams of black tea in the two basins soak hot tea, into the room. And window ventilation, indoor formaldehyde content will fall sharply within 48 hour.The basic elimination of irritating odor.


No.5: Towels smell

The number of towels used in life more. But also become greasy sticky and poor water absorption. And emit a smell of smell, the more the more viscous soap but the contrary.

Solution: The towel into the white vinegar soak. Note: The ratio of vinegar and water is 4: 1. You can use plastic bottles to measure. After soaking for 15 minutes, wash with detergent or soap again.


No.6:Car smell

The car has an unusual taste. Especially the new car and even more powerful.This not good solution. So how to make this smell smaller and lighter?

Solution:We can use car air freshener.


Car air freshener:


1. It is the current purification of the car air environment.

2.It is easy to carry, easy to use and cheap.

3. It becomes the first choice of many drivers and friends to purify the air inside the car.


Suitable for many occasions.

You can choose a variety of flavor ...


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