Teach you how to kill cockroaches

- Apr 12, 2018-

Once there are cockroaches at home, it's hard to get rid of them. They not only eat food, but also destroy wallpapers, books and electronic products. Some species of cockroaches transmit bacteria to humans. Choose the most useful bait, insecticide, trap or barrier for you to drive out cockroaches and prevent them from coming back.


Even if we kill a small strong and tens of thousands of small strong, we still have to face the cradle of Xiaoqiang bravely. How much is there in the egg sheath? What should the player do with the wild egg sheaths?


No.1:Use a steam water bottle. Prepare a plastic water bottle, cut off the curved part and put it on the bottle. It looks like a funnel in the bottle. Wrap the tape around a circle and fix it. Pour a little soapy water into the bottom of the bottle and put the trap in the cockroach infested area. They will climb in and drown in the inside.




No.2:Prevent cockroaches from invading again

Remove the outside of the roof. Cockroaches like wood heap and other places that are easy to hide. When the weather turns cool, they will be transferred to the house for heating. Don't pile the wood near the house. The hay, leaves, cut branches and other garbage removal.


No.3:Block the entrance of a cockroach into the house. Sealing the cracks on the exterior walls and blocking the entrance of cockroaches can prevent them from entering your home. The cracks in the house are also sealed. It takes a while, but it's worth it, because you have eliminated the most favorite place for cockroaches to hide and breed.


Spray gel or liquid insecticides (for example, TOPONE). This is the second line of defense. If there are surviving cockroaches in the house, or the roaches outside the house successfully pass through the steel velvet, the insecticide will at least weaken it. Repair the gap with filler, Spackle putty or other curing coatings. If it is a crack on the panel or board, fill the Spackle putty and then apply resin or wood paint. 4 to 6 hours later. The putty will harden, it is harmless to the child.




The utility model is suitable for families, hospitals, hotels, hotels, factories and public places, and has the advantages of convenient use, safety and high efficiency. Is a modern life, the home of the first choice to kill cockroaches supplies.


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