Teach you how to prevent rats from entering your home.

- Aug 04, 2018-

The mouse is a sly animal that can find a way to enter the house through small slits and holes. They make nests in unused corners and can survive on breadcrumbs. You may not even notice the presence of one or two mice in the house, but if you are not careful enough, you may end up with a problem with the disaster. The key to preventing rats from entering the house is to block the entrance to the house, clean up the places where the mice like to make nests, and remove their food sources.

Method 1: Block the entrance to the house.



1. Close the door. If you develop the habit of opening the front door or the garage door, the mouse may sneak into the house when you don't pay attention. Closing the door will prevent the mouse from entering. Rats are the most active at night, so it's best not to let the door open all night. If you prefer to open the door in the summer to allow the breeze to blow into the house, install a screen door to prevent the mouse from entering.



2.Seal the window. The mouse is good at crawling and can enter the house through the window without any difficulty, especially the second floor window. Always keep the windows closed or install gauze. If you haven't checked the screens for a long time, check them around the house one by one. The screen window is easily damaged after a period of time, and the rust holes or cracks on the mesh can allow the mouse to enter. If some windows cannot be closed or there is a gap between the window and the frame, you can block the gap with steel wool or wire mesh.


Method 2: Clean the house



1. Remove debris from the house. Rats prefer the forgotten corners of the basement, cabinets and storage rooms.

2. Clean the floor and clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. The spilled liquid, breadcrumbs, daily dirt and debris can all attract rats. The floor is disinfected every week and the carpet is cleaned several times with a vacuum cleaner to make the house less attractive to the mouse.

Method 2:Use TOPONE brand mouse glue trap.



1. Our gue trap's adhesive force is very powerful, the stuck mouse is hardly to escape.

2. Ecofriendly,health and non-toxic, especially suitable for food factories, restaurants, food warehouse, home, etc.

3. This product isn't influenced by climate,it is suitable for every country arround the world.

4. It is reusable, non-toxic and harmless, no pollution. It's a new generation of green environmental protection.

5. As a new generation of environment-friendly product, it is not subject to the climate change. It is reusable, non-toxic and harmless.



1. The mouse glue trap can throw off peanut butter smell which is one of mice's favorate food, can well attract mouse to come .

2. We are factory, we strictly control raw material's quality , as well as every process of the producing.

3. OEM is accepted, even small quantity order is acceptable, we can do design for client free of extra charge.



Direction for usage


1. Open the board carefully and place it on wherever rats usually appear.

2. Put more traps if the place is rat-infested. Fix it on the floor if necessary.

3. For better effectiveness, use it with bait.

4. Dispose it once catching the rat, or reuse after removing the rat.

5.In case any body parts or surfaces stick to the glue, wipe or wash it with alcohol.


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