The correct use of electric mosquito mat.

- Jan 20, 2018-

TOPONE electrical mosquito repeller killer mats are made from eco-friendly materials. It can provide whole night effective protection against mosquitoes and flies.  

Mosquito Mat

Mosquito Mat

Direction of Use

Place this product on the heater sheet of electric mosquito killer,and then switch on power supply,the indicator light will on to indicate that the mosquito killer is working,while using,please try to reduce the ventilation in the room,and the mosquito killing mat should be placed at the up-take place ;the effective of this product is within 15 square meters,Each electric mosquito repellent mat can be used for 12hours;you can change a new mat after the color of the original one is lightened.When replacing,you just insert a new mat into heater sheet,meanwhile,the used one will be pushed out.



Mosquito Mat



Please immediately wash your hand after contacting the mosquito killing mat;please store it our of the children’s reach.

Do not drip any liquid on the mosquito killing mat.

If use this product in a very small room,please keep the room ventilated.

Pull out the plug of electric mosquito killer in time after use.

Mosquito Mat 

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