The fight of cockroachs

- Jan 07, 2021-

the fight of cockroaches

How does the life force of small strong especially do? As one of the common pests, cockroaches are good at spreading bacterial diseases. It's a pain in the ASS. That's all right. Here are some kitchen tips.

Method one

Clean up kitchen clutter on a regular basis. Kitchen area is small, nooks and crannies, a little careless can pile up a lot of sundries, keep kitchen clean dry, avoid to cockroach raise a hiding place.

Method two

Onion cockroach repellent. The most annoying smell of cockroaches is onions. If you put a box of sliced onions in the house, the COCKROACH will immediately flee.

Method three

It's said to be the most useful way to get rid of cockroaches!

The fight of cockroachs

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Physical cockroach killing principle: through the cockroach house using advanced lure technology, with spices, ingredients and other integrated processing, advanced equipment compressed, attract cockroaches from the four entrance to climb into, once the cockroach hit the super glue is stuck can not escape!

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