The Insecticide spray use precautions!!!

- Oct 31, 2017-

I believe that many people have a bottle of insecticide spray at home.Because the use of convenience, the effect is good.But after all, there are pesticide ingredients.So do you know how to use it will not hurt the human body it.Let us talk about this !


First.After using the insecticide, Do not enter the room .Because the drug residue,about six hours later that you can come in your room .So you can choose your working time to insecticide the pest. after get off work can directly into the room.


Let me now summarize the precautions for using insecticide spray:

1. For some flying insects,such housefly, mosquito and so on.To spray in the air and angle at 45 °.

2. After spraying the insecticide, people must to leave the room.If you have children at home,please do not let them touch any insecticide spray.Avoid harming their skin.

3. Use pesticides in the kitchen to be more careful.Put the food and cutlery before use.

4. If you accidentally sprayed on the skin,To be cleaned in time.


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