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- Nov 25, 2017-

After giving birth to a baby.Each mom will experience a restless life. In order to give the baby more love and care. Each mother often need to know in advance all kinds of baby products knowledge, such as baby diapers ... How to buy better? What are the considerations when buying?The most comprehensive choice of how to buy baby diaper courses. Give it to you immediately.


When buying baby diapers.First look at these four points.

1. Brand

The easiest way to buy baby diapers is to buy a baby diaper of a trusted brand.


Such as TOPONE brand baby diaper.Because it’s super breathable、double excellent dry、Soft and comfortable and so on.


So how to choose from a number of waist-type diapers choose their favorite products?



2. Magic tape with a waist.

Effectively repeated paste.Even if the baby jumped.But will not fall off. Also has a leak-proof design to prevent the baby from exuding urine.

3.Look at the baby diaper size.


Different brands of the same number of diapers corresponding weight may also be different.The best before each purchase are repeatedly confirmed.Don’t buy the wrong slightly.


Some mothers ask why diapers are not always easy to use.

Scene one: red ass

In many mom's eyes. Red ass is the only standard to test whether the diaper is good. However, even the best diapers should also be used with the correct method of use, if the long time after the urine is not replaced.Red ass will naturally visit. Therefore, the best Mommy every 2-4 hours for the baby to change the diaper.Urinary frequently change quickly.With the poo immediately change.


You better buy a buttocks cream. Baby little ass to reduce contact with the dirty diapers.So that you can effectively reduce the chance of red ass.


Scene two: leakage of urine

timg (1)_副本.jpg

There are three possible reasons for leakage of urine: First, more urine.Mommy need to be more diligent to change the diaper.Second, the number of yards too large.May consider replacing the yards smaller number; Third is wearing skills.However, to learn Use leak-proof edge !


So,Have you learned it?


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