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- Nov 18, 2017-

If you want to have a fresh air environment, you can start with green plants.But you need a bottle of air freshener to be more perfect.

1.Aloe vera. Aloe Vera not only has the role of cosmetology but also the role of purifying the air. Place a bowl of aloe in the room to effectively absorb odors in the air.


2.Sansevieria trifasciata Prain. Sansevieria trifasciata Prain is a natural freshener that removes harmful substances from the air. Ideal for new home after renovation.

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3. Aglaia odorata Lour. Aglaia odorata Lour not only fresh but also can absorb the air of harmful substances.

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4. Ivy League. Very suitable for smoking people. Because it can absorb nicotine and other carcinogens in tobacco.


5. Cordvlinefruticosa. Cordvlinefruticosa is not only beautiful.Its leaves can absorb toluene and other toxic substances, and can be decomposed.

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 Then sometimes in the house, the car, the bathroom have peculiar  smell.The vast majority of people will consider using air freshener.But also some of the air freshener ingredients are harmful to human beings and not to use.But Topone believes that air fresheners are a necessity.But it is important to choose which air freshener.


There are various types of air fresheners available on the market today. Some brands of fresheners can actually cause more harm than good.But Sweet dream air fresheners are different, fresh and elegant, and do no harm to the body. , But also by the vast number of consumers.

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Toilet air freshener:

1. It can be named deodorant and effective removal of odor bad toilet.

2.It sends a fresh breath. People feel like being in the green fields of nature.

3. It is concentrated formula.A bottle can be sprayed hundreds of times.

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Car air freshener:

1. It is the current purification of the car air environment.

2.It is easy to carry, easy to use and cheap.

3. It becomes the first choice of many drivers and friends to purify the air inside the car.

 d4_副本.jpgSuitable for many occasions.

You can choose a variety of flavor ...


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