The type of aerosol

- Sep 26, 2017-

1. Air aerosol

Space aerosols are designed for space jetting. For example: space to kill mosquito aerosol, space disinfectant aerosol, air deodorant aerosol, air fresh aerosol, space drug immune inhalation aerosol and so on. Requiring the particles to be ejected very fine, can be suspended in the air for a long time. In order to achieve this, the aerosol contained in the space contains more propellant than the other aerosols.

2 surface with aerosol

This aerosol is designed to spray the surface of the object. For example: to kill the ground insect insecticide aerosols, which have killed bee aerosols, kill ants aerosols, moths aerosol, mildew aerosol. Hair spray, gas fog head oil, aerosol perfume, dermatology and injury with medical aerosol, surgical and burns with aerosols and so on. This aerosol ejected aerosol particles are thicker than space. After spraying, it can directly contact the surface (non-space) where it is sprayed, since the ejected propellant is immediately gasified before it is exposed to the surface or is in contact with the surface, leaving only the surface Of a layer of liquid film. Because the composition of the liquid is thicker, the propellant is composed of volatile mixed gas with different boiling point. The surface of the spray is not required to be fine, so the amount of the propellant can be less.

3. Foam aerosol

The foamed aerosol is not a liquid particle but a foam. For example: hair dry cleaning with aerosols, hair with mousse, skin care mousse, sunscreen mousse, toothpaste aerosol, hand sanitizer and some dermatology foam medical aerosol and so on. The difference between the foam type and the other aerosols is that the propellant is emulsified by the stock solution (formulation) to form an emulsion. When the emulsion is sprayed through the valve, the brazing material is surrounded by the immediate expansion and gasification, so that the emulsion into a bubble state. The consistency of the foam can be controlled according to the formula: the control can also be the amount of propellant to control, and more is rare, less is a curse, containing a certain amount of propellant can produce a good foam effect.

4. Powder aerosol

This aerosol contains solid fine powder dispersed in the propellant, the formation of relatively stable suspension. When used, the aerosol valve is opened to cause turbulence of the material in the aerosol can and the fine powder is ejected by the propellant. After the propellant gasification, they will remain in the space or the surface of the powder or powder; commonly used powder aerosols are: human inhalation powder medical aerosol, hemostatic aerosol, external powder Fog and talcum powder, prickly heat powder, beriberi powder, armpit to powder and other aerosols.