The use of chemical

- Sep 26, 2017-

Chemical products to the people is rich and colorful, it is in addition to the production of a large number of materials used for making a variety of products used by people, there are very little use, but the effect is very obvious products, so that people's lives have been improved. For example: food additives for food preservative, seasoning, fortified nutrition; improve vegetable growth regulators and preservatives; feed additives that promote meat and egg production; raw materials and auxiliaries for the production of cosmetics and spices, , Furniture and a variety of workers, equipment, decorative paint; a variety of printing ink with the pigment; and detergent products such as surfactants, and so on, too numerous to mention. As well as film (photographic material), recording (like) tape (magnetic recording material), and laser TV disc (CD) and so on. The use of these means of communication, can strengthen the communication contact, reproduce the historical scene, performing superb art. With the help of information recording materials, people's vision extended to the universe, the depths of the seabed or deep into the internal organs, and even anatomical atomic structure, to improve the spiritual civilization of mankind, opened the mysteries of nature, provided the conditions.