There are other uses for the laundry sheet. Do you know?

- May 05, 2018-

Laundry sheet is a new kind of washing product. Changes in the form of the past washing products, water is soluble, water saving, easy to store, easy to use, clean and clean, free of fluorescent agent, neutral phosphorus free hand, gradually swept the European market, become a new generation of washing products, is a neutral synthetic detergent.


Hand wash: If it is hand washing, pour it into clear water.Put in a laundry piece, soak for 3 minutes. hen you can start washing.

Machine wash: put in dirty clothes, put the laundry pieces in the laundry box, you can soak for 20 minutes before you start washing.


Does the laundry only be used to wash clothes? The answer is no, so what else can laundry do besides washing clothes?


1. Clean the floor


The wood floor in the house is always contaminated with various oil. It is only needed to melt the film into the water, then spray it on the wood floor, and then the mop is used to remove the stubborn oil.

2.Cleaning the bathroom


Toilet cleaning is always time-consuming and laborious, facing stubborn stains, can try washing water, more than the professional detergent is also used, minutes let the toilet look new!

3.Lubrication and anti-wear


When you wear a bracelet, you can hurt your skin when you are not careful. Apply proper amount of laundry water on the back of your hand, wear it, knead it for a few times, and then wear it, gently wearing jewelry.


The laundry sheet is so useful. Let's use it with our friends.


ECO-FRIENDLY - biodegradable with a natural plant based formula.

After washing your clothes, they will feel ultra soft.


DEEP CLEAN - Activates a higher performance of detergency and solvency.Using Amino Acid Surfactant take place traditional irritant surfactant.It can deeply penetrated into fabrices, cleanse the tough stains rooted in clothes, return clean and bright clothes to you.


ORGANIC AND HEALTHY - Formulated with amino acid ,herbal extracts, do less harm to skin and environment.Non toxic, phosphorus free, no Fluorescent brightener.Wash your underwear at ease


TRAVEL - Lightweight and compact. Perfect size for travel. Can even be used without a washing machine.

KID FRIENDLY - Much safer than pods.

Long Lasting Perfume - Added with bouquet perfume, make your day surrounded by flower

Suitable for infant clothes, prenant women, elderly......


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