This summer, using it, you are no longer bullied by mosquitoes!

- Jun 02, 2018-

In order to prevent mosquitoes, I also had no need for it.But the final conclusion is that basically no effect.


The only thing I could do was to keep the mint kept for mosquito repellent.Finally, it's more useful for me to make tea.


I was also raised by phaera. I grew up very cute, so I didn't eat mosquitoes.



So since using it and using it, no mosquitoes have bullied me anymore.




1.Convenient,clean and easy to operate.

2.Kill mosquito rapidly.

3.Fragrant and eco-friendly.

4.No ash,smoke or residue.

5.Harmless to human and pets.


Directions for use:

1.The electric mosquito repeller horizontally, then insert one piece of mat  in the repeller.

2.Plug electric mosquito repeller into the electric outlet.Open windows or open door while use for better ventilation.

3.Charge new mat when its color completely changes from blue to white or charge mat every 12 hours.

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