TOPONE brand mosquito coil is fast Production and Prompt Delivery.

- Aug 21, 2018-

Our factory has 9 years of professional history in product development and export business, fast production and fast delivery. We have many old customers who have cooperated for many years, which also reflects the trust of old customers in our products.



Mosquito Coils are an effective insecticide, protecting against mosquitoes and other flying insects, it can be used on your patio or in your backyard to provide protection against mosquitoes, gnats, deer flies, sand flies, black flies, ticks, and other insects.. When lit, the coil releases an active insect repellent along with the smoke which is also a natural deterrent. Each coil provides up to 7hours  Each coil repels insects and is easy to use. Rid yourself and family of those annoying insects when enjoying time outside with the Mosquito Coil Refills!


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