TOPONE new stylish and practical insect repellent buckle.

- Jan 13, 2018-

Mosquito repellent fashion mosquito buckle was born.Mosquito repellent buckle waterproof design with swimming are not care.The same applies to pregnant women with baby, contains natural lemongrass essential oil ingredients, safety and health insect repellent.The emitted fragrance can reach mosquito repellent effect. You can be buckled in the bag, collar, cuffs, shoelaces and so on.


This mini mosquito repellent buckle volume is very small.Mosquito repellent than carrying those who carry everywhere is really convenient!



No.1: To break the traditional mosquito bracelet and the bracelet monotonous restrictions on carrying. Do not worry about the size is not appropriate.Do not worry about infant bites, swallowing, or plastic, essential oils contact allergies. Set jewelry and mosquito effect in one. Beautiful and lovely. You want to take anywhere can be. All use of natural raw materials. Does not contain any chemical composition, non-toxic nor repellent amine, safe and effective.

No.2: You can be decorated on the bag, collar, cuffs, shoe laces and other places, not only beautiful but also repellent effect.

No.3: Nano-wrapped wall perfect control of essential oil release.

No.4: Buckle core using pure citronella essential oil and chamomile essential oil and other synthetic, you can drive away all kinds of mosquitoes, pure plant extracts without any harm to the human body.


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