TOPONE teach you to deal with mouse.

- Jan 31, 2018-

Rats are distributed throughout the world. Not only spoil large quantities of food, bite clothes, furniture and bites infants and young children. But also spread diseases such as plague, rat bites, relapsing fever, epidemic hemorrhagic fever, typhus, etc. A variety of diseases.


First learn how to prevent rats.

Set the anti-ratchet, rat-proof windows, anti-mouse net, stop the mouse from the doors, windows, drainage holes into the room. Containers filled with food, basket, stamped or stored from the ground. So that rats can not eat.


The second step to block the mouse.

With barbed wire or not blocked with the bridge connected to the indoor drainage hole. Triple mud block the indoor and residential rat hole, clear, smooth indoor veranda, aisle debris, destroy the rat's nest.


The last step to die out rats.

You can use rat mouse glue trap to kill rats.

rat and mouse glue trap

Topone rat and mouse glue trap bait is an ideal choice for controlling rats and mouses within kitchens, rooms and gardens. The features are shown as below:

1.Strong scented adhesive

2.Crease free ,free to fold         

3.Environmentally safe ,secure design

rat and mouse glue trap

Direction: of Use

1.Open the board carefully and place it on where rats usually appear ,dispose of once catching the rat.

2.Put more traps if the place is rat-infested .Fix it on the floor if necessary.

3.For better effect ,use it with bait.

 rat and mouse glue trap


1.Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

2.Put pieces of paper under the cage in case of dirty ground or wall when rats struggle.

3.Avoid of direct sunlight.

4.If stick the glue accidentally ,use gasoline or vegetable oil to separate ,then wash with detergent

5.Discard as soon as possible after rats are caught.


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