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- Dec 09, 2017-

Do you think splitting black mosquito is difficult?Because it is easy to break off.


In fact, there is a split mosquito method.Mosquito coils do not have to split at all.After burning a circle.It will automatically separate the other ring.

One of China's Internet users suddenly blink of an eye and found that mosquito coils do not need to be separated at the end.After a circle, it will automatically separate the other ring.This method has been applied for a patent in China.So you can try.




However, some users try it like this.


Because the quality of mosquito coils is not good.

So,how to choose a better quality mosquito coil?


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Look at the box. The box should have a factory name, site, composition, implementation of standards, pesticide registration certificate.

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Look at the appearance. For example, TOPONE brand black mosquito coil.It’s exquisite surface shows good quality.

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See production date. The closer the production date, the better the repellent effect.

From the appearance point of view.Qualified mosquito coil processing fine.Uniform color.Strong anti-folding, ignition time is about 7-8 hours.However, the quality of mosquito coils is not good.The mosquito coil is poor quality surface roughness, easy to break.

The remaining mosquito coil ash.Do not throw.There are other uses.

1. Mosquito coil ash can be used to treat athlete's foot.

2. Mosquito coil ash can be used to stop itching.

3. Mosquito coil ash can be used to clean tiles.

4. Mosquito coil ash can be used to make fertilizers.


So,Have you learned it?


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