What brand of cockroach trap easy to use?

- Feb 08, 2018-

Topone non toxic professional cockroach poison traps are always welcome to cockroaches visiting with sticky glue and nice smell for them. Once coming never leaving until die.

It is non-toxic, pollution-free, pollution-free, simple and easy to operate. Widely used, can be used in hotels, restaurants, hospitals, food processing industry, ships, trains and other special industries and residents.

cockroach trap


1.Remove traps from wrapper and put the bait inside. Place in corners, along walls, under sinks, in cabinets or behind appliances where roaches and other crawling bugs live and hide. It can also be applied on windows or trees.

cockroach trap 

2.Allow three to four days to work. If trap is empty, move to another location. Since traps will contain insects, children should not handle them.

cockroach trap

3. When trap is full, flip trap over. Discard in trash when both sides are full.


1.Avoid direct sunlight exposure and water for good effect. If the cockroach house gets wet, dry it before usage.

2.Use gasoline and then cleansing agent to remove the glue from clothes or other articles in case of their contact with the adhesive.

cockroach trap

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cockroach trap