What do you doubt about baby diapers?

- Jan 04, 2021-

What do you doubt about baby diapers?

Is the size of the diaper a good choice?or is it a good fit?

     In general, Darling is given the choice of diapers that are appropriate for her baby's weight. Too Big models leak urine easily, too small models because urine left more than the capacity of diapers and produce leakage, and diapers too tight will damage darling delicate skin.

Baby diapers

How often did darling change his diaper during the night?

     The mother can according to oneself baby urinates the frequency as well as the choice diaper quality decision, must choose that kind of absorption ability strong diaper. When you wake up at night, you can touch your baby's diaper. If it's bulging, it means you need a new one. Mommy and daddy had to get up and Change Darling's diaper.

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Darling only wore the diaper for a moment, and did not pee on it, the next day can still use it?

      Better not give it to darling. The diaper worn by the baby will retain bacteria on his skin, and after wearing a part of the protective layer of the diaper will be destroyed, bacteria can easily grow on top. So don't use it even if Darling doesn't pee in it.

Choosing TOPONE gives you peace of mind

TOPONE Baby diapers1.

TOPONE Baby diapers

      TOPONE diapers not only in the appearance of design, material to let the mother comfortable, rest assured, in the permeability, water absorption, dry performance is excellent. And it's tailored so that the baby can move wherever it wants, and the mom doesn't have to worry about darling having a red butt or anything, it's a diaper that really puts darling's mind at ease and mom and dad at ease.

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