What is the characteristic of TOPONE brand baby diapers?

- Feb 08, 2018-

Surface coating.Including the surface of non-woven.Anti-side according to water cloth.The most important part of this part is to improve the degree of breath ability within the diaper.So that the body's moisture and heat emitted can be discharged in time.


Baby diaper

Absorbent core.Including wood pulp, polymer materials, the diversion layer, wet paper composition.This layer is mainly used to quickly absorb.Disperse and store urine. The internal material directly determines the amount of water absorption. This layer is an overview of the quality of diapers.

Magic tape with a waist.Effectively repeated paste.Even if the baby jumped.But will not fall off. Also has a leak-proof design to prevent the baby from exuding urine.

Baby diaper

Topone baby cloth nappy diapers is a high grade product which adopts international technology in its production. The production is arranged in enclosed and dustless plant, thus maintaining the diapers are environmentally friendly and safe for baby use. The diapers have many features such as:

1. Super absorbent layer.

2. Blue ADL layer.

3. Reusable magic tape.

4. 360⁰ leak-guard structure.

5. Wetness indicator.

Baby diaper



Disposing of disposables: Before you throw away a used diaper, empty the contents into the toilet, wrap the diaper tightly and throw into the garbage. Do not flush the diaper.

Diaper safety information: Please keep this packaging away from children and babies. This package, or a torn piece of diaper, could cause a choking or suffocation hazard for your child. Like any piece of clothing, diapers are flammable.



A.Open the wrapped diaper and made it flat.

B.Place baby on the diaper attach the tapes to the front.

C.Pull out the leak guard lowwards the outside to prevent leakage.

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