What is the cockroach’s favorite food?

- Nov 02, 2018-

Cockroaches are omnivorous insects and feed widely.Eat a variety of food, including bread, rice, cakes, meat and vegetable cooked food, fruits and beverages, especially food flavor, sweet, oil noodle food.

Different species of cockroaches have different diets.Blattella germanica eats fermented food and drink and drinks beer.Periplaneta Americana prefers to feed on putrefied organic matter.Plant-based food is the main type of cockroach.



If you want to eliminate cockroach.You can use cockroach gel +cockroach trap .


TOPONE brand cockroach gel + cockroach trap combination package and strong killing cockroach.The cockroach gel has high efficiency in chain-killing with extinction, one cockroach eat the gel, it will bring the powerful gel to the residential area, thus infecting and killing all the cockroach in the colony. You can use squeeze the cockroach gel a little on the cockroach trap as a bait.The effect is very good.  It can be applied both indoor and outdoor as a treatment in residential homes, industrial facilities, restaurants, hotels and so on.



Direction to use

No.1:Peel off the release paper from the glue layer.

No.2:Squeeze the cockroach trap as a bait.

No.3:Fold trap as indicated and cockroach trap's tab into slot to make a rooftop.

No.4:Put traps in places where roaches are observed.For better effect.Place more at different places.


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