When is the best time for the baby not to need baby diaper?

- Jul 06, 2018-

Look at these signals and grasp the best time to take off baby diaper.



Within 1 year of age, the baby's nervous system and other physiological structures have not yet fully developed, and toilet training is not recommended. Similarly, it is not recommended to put urinary urine.

At this time, training began to go to the toilet, the baby is not physically able to do it, and blindly starting to make them have a psychological burden.


For most children, you can try to take off your diaper after 2 years of age.


Knowing the approximate age is not enough, but also depends on the child's specific performance. When the child has the following signals, the toilet training can be put on the agenda:


No.1:The baby can understand the instructions of the parents.

No.2:The baby diaper is kept dry for more than two hours.

No.3:The time of pulling is beginning to become regular.

No.4:The baby desire to keep your ass dry, diapers will be uncomfortable when wet.

No.5:The baby willing to imitate how adults go to the toilet.

No.6:The baby be able to sit on the small toilet yourself.

No.7:The baby can lift my pants and take off my pants.


Do these 3 points and take off your diaper.


1.Ready items.

It is very necessary to buy a children's special toilet.It is not recommended to purchase toilet models that can be mounted on the animal. For children, straddle sitting is still difficult.


2. choose the right time

It is also very important to select the starting time for toilet training.

The temperature should be comfortable to avoid the cold weather.

The child's condition is relatively stable, avoid mother to go to work and so on separation anxiety period and sickness period.

It is confirmed that there is no family outing in the near future.



2. Training skills are in place

Try not to wear diapers:

During the day, you can change the kids' favorite underpants and try not to wear diapers. I agreed with my children that I would tell my mother when I wanted to pull the cake, and then we put the child on the toilet.

At the very beginning, children may only say "I need to go to the bathroom" when I finish my urine. It doesn't matter, it's all normal.

In order to let the children sleep with themselves, it is suggested that diapers should be used in the evenings until the whole night diapers can be kept dry until dawn.

Encouragement for a successful attempt: remember the first time a successful toilet, a celebration with the child, and the child feel that he and his mother are playing a game that belongs to each other.


Don't worry.Mother's mind is the most important.



At the beginning of toilet training, there is always a "cross flow of feces and urine":

Just change the pants, a bubble of urine come again.

Underwear and pants that can't be washed out.

Go out to play, the urine has not been changed.

After training for a while, the baby suddenly began to wet the bed again.


Moms aren't fighting alone! This is the mother of a lot of large numbers of mothers. Efforts should be made to put oneself in the right place and to be patient, and to prepare well for a few weeks must be a psychological preparation for failure.


So, the baby wear the diaper stage.What kind of baby diaper should be better?




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