When mosquito coils are used up, how do you deal with Mosquito-repellent incense ash?

- Oct 29, 2017-


Mosquito coils have become the necessary anti-mosquito products for each family. and what else do you know about Mosquito-repellent incense ash ?

Especially housewives,when they are dealing with these garbage, it is also very troublesome. Now, let me tell you the effect of “those rubbish”.


First . If you like to grow flowers or you have many plants in the house , The mosquito coil ash can be used as fertilizer. Because it is rich in potassium that it can easily be absorbed by flowers and plants.


Second. Clean the bathroom floor. If the floor is dirty, you can use this to clean the floor. Drag it with a mop, So that the floor becomes clean. That is sounds good ! ! !

Third . Use it to sharpen the blade or other metal utensils, smooth and smooth, leaving no marks.


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