Where are the mosquitoes often appear?

- Feb 28, 2019-

The mosquitoes in the house mainly come from two aspects:

1, from the outside, through the closed doors and windows;

2, indoor mosquitoes are alive, indoors are prone to water accumulation.

To reduce mosquitoes in the home, scientific methods and measures mainly include:

1. Close the doors and windows as much as possible, and check whether the screens are in good condition.

2. Eliminate all water accumulation.

3. Fill in the depression and sewage ponds.

4. Clean up the sewers that have accumulated water due to fouling.

5, Water storage vases, water planting bonsai and other useful water storage, regular replacement 1-2 times a week, combined with the actual situation through the above methods, fundamentally eliminate mosquito breeding conditions.

6, Often indoor and outdoor idle containers, old tires are cleaned or turned over so that it does not accumulate water.

7. Seal sewers, water tanks, pools and other waters with functional functions. Covers must be sealed.

All accumulated water is a breeding condition for mosquitoes. Eliminating accumulated water can eliminate the breeding conditions of mosquitoes. This is the most active and active method for killing mosquitoes.


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