Which is paper diaper absorbent ? Please look at the experiment.

- May 05, 2018-

For novice Moms.The choice of diapers is actually a very tangled process.

Many mothers are superstitious about the importing brand of diapers.

Even before the baby was born.Through the sea, purchase and other channels.Hoarding a lot of.However,Some mothers are out of use.Make complaints.

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What is the fact?Mother to child segmentation line.Water absorbability is the soul of the diaper.After all,Its existence is for the baby's "day and night essence" service.Material, technology and technology will affect this performance.The different brands also widen the gap.Paper diapers with good water absorption effect,Can reduce the contact time between the urine and the skin,Avoid the problem of red fart.At the same time, it also helps the baby's long sleep.On the contrary, the speed of absorption is too slow.The baby's delicate skin soaked in urine for a longer time.

It's also easy to cause red fart.

Please look at the TOPONE baby diaper experiment.


Baby is almost every day sitting on the paper diapers activity, so the absorption of urine of diapers is particularly important, easy to return to the urine pants, more easy to cause the baby's red butt.

The experimental method we used is to pour 100ml hot water into the inner layer of the diaper, then pour into 100ml hot water again, wait 3 minutes, put on the filter paper, press the weight, take down a minute later, and put the filter paper on the electronic scale to see the change of the weight.

The experimental results show that the permeability test can reflect the water locking performance of the diapers to some extent. The superiority of TOPONE baby diaper in the long-term water locking performance can effectively reduce the appearance of the allergic phenomena such as the baby's red butt.




1. Lamination breathable fabric at the end of film to exclude hot air moisture.

2. Powerful lock water, 5 second quick absorption.

3. Cotton soft surface to increase the air space to protect the baby's skin from moisture intrusion.

4. Curved magic buckle, smooth surface, repeated adhesion, adjust the elastic as casual.

5.5 lock of wicking layer,5 second quick absorption.

6.selected raw material&QC to ensure the quality standard.

7.3D breathable hole, fast exhale muggy air to reduce red buttock.

8.0.3cm slight layer,cool base film, keep the baby more comfortable.

9.Using skin-friendly material to keep babies from allergy and hurt.


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