You need to know the benefits of electric mosquito coils with the disadvantages

- Sep 26, 2017-


This kind of anti-mosquito products without Mingyan fire, safe and clean, the use of good results. And liquid mosquito coils only need to switch the power supply every day, do not have to add or replace, easy to use.


If the choice of mosquito coils is not good, smell too thick for people with allergies do not apply. Liquid mosquito coils are easy to leak. If the electric mosquito coils and electric mosquito water quality, but off, easily endanger human health.

Recommendation: Consumers in the purchase of electric mosquito coils must see the instructions, choose low toxicity and no stimulation of the product, while choosing a more reliable brand. There are experts to remind consumers, the elderly, pregnant women and children of the family in the choice of anti-mosquito products is best not to use electric mosquito coils.