Mosquito Spray Travel Size

Mosquito Spray Travel Size

400ML Mosquito Aerosol Spray 1. The product adopts low-toxicity materials with fresh smells. 2. Specially designed to control pests. Sales Service 1 . Shipment and sample quality tracking includes lifetime. 2 . Any small problems of our product will be solved at the most prompt time. 3 . Quick...
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Mosquito spray travel size


NEW fomulationgs!!

High efficiency, nice quality.!! Rapid effect on cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, flies, and all kind of insects. 

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atomizing well with transparent liquid. This new formula is non-staining and leaves no oily residue.

Nice quality

Our products are made of high-graded raw material and get excellent responds from many countries, such as Africa, South East Asia, Middle East, America, etc.


Product nameBest mosquito repellent spray
Miminum quatity20000pcs
Quality certificationISO9001
Active ingredientPermethirin ≥0.25% D-tetramethrin ≥0.2% D-phrnothrin ≥0.15%







Why buy from us

1) We are producer & have our owned factory as well as a professional technical team.

2) All the items are our owned brand with unique design.

3) Our insecticides are effective in killing all flying and crawling insects in a short period of time witout harm to human body.

4) There is no complaint about our products' effectiveness from markets and customers that we sold our products to in the last 7 years.

5) Our products are suitable for long-distance transportation. And are made for use in different environments such as Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia pacific & America, etc.