Anti Mosquito Stick Incense Sandalwood

Natural stick incense,It is easy to use it,Eco-friendly,High efficiency killing mosquito,Environmental protection, Sweet dream mosquito killer let your tomorrow more better.
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Product Details

The Information Of The Mosquito Stick Incense.

Brand Name: Sweet dream.

● Name: Sweet dream incense.

● Box Size: length33.5cm X width6.5cm.

● Stick Incense Length: 32cm.

● Packing List: 60 boxes/ carton.

● Using: killing mosquito,fly,cockroach and so on.

● Place: bedroom,hotel,toilet,office,cafe and so on.



About The Colors 

This stick incense,We have several colors,We accept customize,If you buy more,You can customize the color what you want.

Our product's quality is good,We also can offer you the best price.

We welcome you come to our office to discuss the products.




When you drink tea or work in the office,You also can ignite one piece,But you should open the window to let the home ventilation.

The package box of incese is looked modern,Here is the package box show.


We have factory,We produce the incense ourselves.We have own our brand.

As long as you need,Everything we can discuss.

If there are any question,Please leave the message to us or call us,all is ok.

Here is our phone number: (+86)020-83602856 / (+86)13002057567


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