Mosquito Coil Safety

Mosquito Coil Safety

The product is made of high quality raw materials, international advanced technology and advanced technology. Harmless to the human body, has a strong killing effect on mosquitoes. It kills mosquitoes and other small insects very quickly. Belongs to the Environmental Protection Green Product.
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Model Number


Brand NameTOPONE
Burning time8-10H
Effective time10H
MOQ500 Carton
Olace of OriginFujian,China(Mainland)
Supply Ability50000 Carton/Month
Provide servicesOEM/ODM


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1.Q: What are the specifications of black mosquito coil your factory produce?

A: There are 125MM/130MM/138MM/145MM diameter mosquito coils.

2. Q: Do you have a pesticide registration certificate?

A: Yes,we have.

3. Q: how long is the effective hour?

A: It depends on the size of coil. The effecive hour of 125MM is around 8h, 130MM is around 10h, 138MM is around 12h, 145MM is around 13h.

4. Q: What is the burning hour of your mosquito coil?

A: It depends on the size of coil. The burning hour of 125MM is around 5h, 130MM is around 6h, 138MM is around 7h, 145MM is around 7.5h.

5. Q: Can you provide different kind of fragrances for the product?

A: Yes. We have different kind of fragrances, the popular fragrances are sandalwood, lemon.

6. Q: What is the active ingredient you use for mosquito coil?

A: The active ingredient we use for mosquito coil is 0.3% Rich-D-Transallethrin.

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