Manufacture Supplier Powerful Mouse Glue Trap

Manufacture Supplier Powerful Mouse Glue Trap

Topone Rat and Mouse Glue Trap Bait Product Introduction Topone rat and mouse glue trap bait is an ideal choice for controlling rats and mouses within kitchens, rooms and gardens. The features are shown as below: 1.Strong scented adhesive 2.Crease free ,free to fold 3.Environmentally safe...
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Product Details

Manufacture supplier powerful mouse glue trap

Product Introduction 


1. Strong adhesive with fragrance, ready to use, safe and sanitary, it is an ideal mousetrap.

2. Foldable to fit different places and keep the sticky surface  away from dust, pets, and children.

3. As a new generation environmental product, it won't be influenced by weather, reusable, non-toxic,harmless and environmental friendly.

Introduction :

1) Easy to use

2) Powerful & Inexpensive

3) No poison/No mess/No odour 

4) Catching mice & rats easily

5)No harming to the environment 

6)Shelf life: 3 years

Product Specification

Product name

Mouse & Rat Glue Trap




Super Adhesive Glue
Packing2 pcs/unit;50 units/carton


Security & environment
FeatureDisposable, Eco-Friendly, Stocked

Usage For

Outdoor & farm & warehouse

Brand Name


Product Details






1.Open the board carefully and place it on where rats usually appear,dispose of it once catching the rat.

2.Put more traps if the place is rat-infested.Fix it on the floor if necessary.

3.For better effect,use it with bait.



Keep it out of reach of children and pets.

Put pieces of paper under the cage in case of dirty ground or wall when rats struggle.

Avoid of direct sunlight.

If stick the glue accidentally, use gasoline or vegetable oil to separate, then wash with detergent.

Discard as soon as possible after rats are caught.

Product Packing and Shipping

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1.What are the advantages of the Rat&Mouse glue trap?

-- Colorless,Safety,Environmental protection.

2. How it is structure?

-- The shell is cardboard, with strong glue.

3. What is the flavor of the glue?

-- Dispersed flavor is the mouse most like to eat food.Such as Peanut flavor.

4. What color is the glue?

-- colorless.

5. How to use when placed?

-- When used can be designed to tile type, channel type, U type, triangular type.

6. Can it just stick to the mouse?

-- No, Not only can stick to the mouse and can also stick to cockroaches, flies, bugs, centipedes and other insects.

7. When is it valid period?

-- About 5years.

8. Does it peculiar smell?

-- No, it’s tasteless.But we can make the scent.

9. How long can it be put after opening?

-- Open until after sticking to the mouse

10. Where is the scope of application?

-- Hotels, schools, hospitals, families and so on.

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