A Lot Of Goods Has Been Produced,Wait You To Discuss Together.

- Nov 06, 2019-

A Lot Of Goods Has Been Produced,Wait You To Discuss Together.

Hello,Dear friends.

How are you recently ?

Do you want to keep away the mosquito ?

We have produce the new style recently.

I recommend this new style to you,Let me introduce it for you.


Sweet dream incense,Stick incense.

We have enough stock,Natural material,Eco-friendly.

If you want to buy more,We can offer you the best price.

We welcome you to our company to visit and discuss the products.

Here is the product information.


Brand Name: Sweet dream incense.

Box Size: length33.5cm*width6.5cm

Incense Size: length32cm.

Quality: 30pieces/per box.

Packing List: 60 boxes / carton.

Using: mosquito killing,mosquito repellent,effective against files and cockroach.

About this style,We can accept customize color.

You can choose the color what you want.



We also sell in Aliexpress,You also can open this link below to buy it directily in our shop in Aliexpress.


If you have any question,Please feel free to tell us.Thank you

Please pay attention our news,Updating.

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