Beautiful Cockroach Trap With Taste Entice The Cockroach To Live In.

- Jan 10, 2020-

Beautiful Cockroach Trap with Taste Entice The Cockroach to Live in

Do you know the cockroach also love beautiful cockroach trap with delicious taste,So,We should make the beautiful cockroach trap to entice to cockroach to go to it.

Look at this style,high quality paper,with creative english alphabet,art pattern,environmental protection green theme.

There are two little doors,It design specifically for cockroaches,Simple operation,Kills cockroach so easy.

Strong viscose,environmental friendly.


Open protective film and remove the protective film,Make it as a house,Open two doors for the cockroaches,When the cockroaches go in,It will be stick down,catch them are also easy.Put them in kitchen,living room,bedroom,warehouse and so on.


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