Congratulation On 21st October Revolution(SOMALIA)

- Oct 21, 2019-

Congratulation On 21st October Revolution(SOMALIA)

The Somalia is called as the "African Horn",The famous is for its long camel culture,It is also call "Camel Country".


21st October 1969 years,At that time,The commander of the Somalia National Army,Mohamed Siad Barre,launched a coup.Established of the Somali Democratic Republic,It is called Somali Revolutionary Festival.

The people will make some activity to commemorate this day.

The main food is sorghum,meat and camel milk in Somalia.If there are enough rain,The local people will put a lot of tomato,watermelon on the table,They also like soft drink.

Let us celebrate the "Somalia Revolutionary Festival" together.

Wish all of the country getting better and better.Including our country,China.

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