Congratulations On Finnish Independence Day

- Dec 04, 2018-

Finnish history has always been ruled by neighboring countries. In 1155-1809, Finland was ruled by Sweden for six centuries. During the Swedish rule, Finland was merely a collection of provinces and cities, not a national entity, directly under the jurisdiction of Stockholm, Sweden, and the capital of Turku in the west. Therefore, Finland is deeply influenced by Sweden in terms of culture, customs and social systems. In the Sino-Russian War between 1808 and 1809, Sweden was defeated, and Finland was ceded to Russia, which became a self-governing principal of Tsarist Russia. Since 1812, Helsinki has become the capital of Finland. In 1917, the Russian October Revolution broke out, the Tsarist Russia collapsed, and the Finns fought bravely against the Russian army under the leadership of General C.G. E. Mannerheim, driving the Russians out of Finland and proclaiming the end of Russia's era of Finnish rule. Finland declared independence on December 6, 1917, becoming a sovereign state.




We hope there will be a better development in the Finnish market.At the same time,Congratulations on Finnish independence Day.


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