Do You Know About The Hangzhou West Lake

- Oct 14, 2019-

Do You Know About The HangZhou West Lake In China

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Today,We will share the famous tourist attractions HangZhou West Lake to you.


HangZhou West Lake is the famous attraction in China.

The geographic location is in west of HangZhou,ZheJiang Province,China.

It is freshwater lake which the main in China,The area is about 6.39 square kilometers.

The width of the east west is about 2.8km.

The length of the south north is about 3.2km.

Divided into the West Lake,Xili Lake,Beli Lake,Xiaonan Lake and Yue Lake by area.

If you come to China to travel,I recomemd you to visit the HangZhou West Lake.

You also can see the sunset clouds there,It will be very beautiful,It is looked just like 

pretty painting,I think you will like it.

● Attraction Level: AAAAA.

● Climate Type: Subtropical Monsoon Climate.

● Geographic Location: HangZhou ZheJiang.


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