Do You Know GuangZhou BeiJing Road ?

- Oct 24, 2019-

Do You Know GuangZhou BeiJing Road ?

If you go to GuangZhou China to travel and if you also love delicious food.I recommend this place to you,GuangZhou BeiJing Road.


BeiJing Road is a culture,entertainment,business street.It is the most prosperous commercial center in GuangZhou's history,It is from GuangWei Road to YanJiang Middle Road.All length about 1500 meters.


There are some historical sites to be visit,ancient street.There are also a lot of shop,clothing,footwear,boutique,jewelry,shopping center,restaurant and so on.

This is the best place to go shopping,eat delicious food,visit historical sites.


This is the GuangZhou BeiJing Road address:Take the subway to the GongYuanQian(公园前).

The Big Buddha Temple also nearly there.

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I will introduce the Big Buddha Temple to you in next time.

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