Do You Know The Big Buddha Temple ?

- Oct 25, 2019-

Do You Know The Big Buddha Temple ?

The Big Buddha Temple address: 21 Number HuiXin Middle Street,HuiFu East Road YueXiu District GuangZhou City GuangDong Province China.


GuangZhou Big Buddha Temple was built in Nanhan(AD 917-971),Name XinZang Temple.

The information of the Big Buddha Temple.

Founding Period: Nan Han

Construction Area: 1200 Square Meters

Status: Municipal Cultural Relics Protection Unit.

There are a lot of book to be read,But we should keep quiet in this place.


When the night is coming,The lights of the entire building will be open.

It is looked very spectacular,beautiful,Just like these picture show,You also can eat the vegetarian meal on Monday to Friday.



If you believe in Buddha,You also can prayer health,happinese for you and for your family.

If you are in this place,You will feel relax.Let us keep away noisy.Enjoy this time.

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